The vagina receives sperm during sexual intercourse from the penis. In some cases after menopause, they may lose elasticity and uterine prolapse may occur. Sue recently started her period and has noticed that they are very heavy and painful, and that they are inconsistent in their timing. The cells multiply thousands of times and move to new positions to eventually become the embryo. Many girls also experience abdominal cramps during the first few days of their periods caused by prostaglandins, chemicals in the body that make the smooth muscle in the uterus contract. During menstruation arteries that supply the lining of the uterus constrict and capillaries weaken. A variety of menstrual problems can affect girls, including:.
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How does the male reproductive system work?

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Reproductive system

If a mature egg is in one of the female's fallopian tubes, a single sperm may penetrate it, and fertilization, or conception, occurs. On or around the day of ovulation, the cervical mucus will be very thin, clear and stretchy. These changes in the uterus are caused by progesterone, due to the corpus luteum. The sperm is less than 7 micrometres 0. For example, an individual could be born with a penis, assigned male as a baby, but later identifies as a female.
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The male reproductive system | Male Sexual Organs | Patient

Words to Know Fertilization: The male reproductive system also produces sex hormones, which help a boy develop into a sexually mature man during puberty. The visible membrane covering the head of the penis is a mucous membrane, though, for those who are circumcised it is usually dry and produces no mucus similar to the lips of the mouth. In some cases after menopause, they may lose elasticity and uterine prolapse may occur. During the reproductive years, failure to menstruate may provide the first indication to a woman that she may have become pregnant.
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In a study published in , researchers argued that these "giant sperm" are the cellular equivalent of a peacock's tail. Therefore, patients are immediately given broad-spectrum antibiotics whenever PID is suspected. Eventually the dead tissue is shed. The external genital organs, or vulva, include the labia, clitoris, and mons pubis. It is thought that this is to help push or guide the sperm up the uterus to the fallopian tubes where fertilization may be possible.
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What is the male sex cell called

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